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Golden Hive Mead

Deluxe Mead Bottling Kit - 750mL

Deluxe Mead Bottling Kit - 750mL

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Introducing the Deluxe Mead Bottling Kit 

Unleash the flavors of your crafted mead with a touch of sophistication and tradition. Elevate your brewing experience with this carefully curated set, complete with 12 750mL premium glass bottles, corks, and a convenient handheld corking tool.  The perfect companion for enthusiasts seeking to savor their homemade mead with finesse. 

Why Choose Our Deluxe Kit?

Premium Quality: Our 750mL glass bottles are crafted with precision, ensuring durability and elegance. The high-quality glass not only enhances the presentation of your mead but also preserves its flavor integrity.

Airtight Seal: The included corks and handheld corking tool ensure an airtight seal, protecting your mead from oxidation and allowing it to mature gracefully. 

Presentation: Impress friends, family, or even potential customers with the stunning presentation of your mead. The 750mL clear bottles showcase the rich hues of your beverage, turning each bottle into a work of art.

What's Inside?

1. 12 Premium 750mL Glass Bottles: Hold and showcase up to three gallons of mead. The 750mL capacity is perfect for sharing and makes for an ideal gift or addition to your cellar.

2. Handheld Corking Tool: Effortlessly seal each bottle with the handheld corking tool. Its ergonomic design and adjustable depth ensures a snug fit for the corks, providing a secure closure for your mead.

3. Natural Corks: Preserve the flavors and aromas of your mead with no compromises on quality. Size: #8

Cheers, and happy mead making!

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