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Golden Hive Mead

Beginner Mead Making Starter Kit

Beginner Mead Making Starter Kit

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Introducing the Beginner Mead Making Starter Kit 

Craft high-quality homemade mead with ease and leave the hard work to us. Specially designed for beginners, this kit provides you with everything you need to create your very own batch of mead, all while experiencing the true essence of homebrewing.

Why choose our Beginner Starter Kit?

Unparalleled Quality: We've spared no expense in sourcing the finest quality equipment, ensuring that every aspect of your mead-making experience is top-notch.

All-in-One Convenience: Say goodbye to hunting down individual components and ingredients – our kit is a comprehensive package, making it simpler than ever to create your mead masterpiece.

Expertly Curated: Our kit has been meticulously curated with the beginner in mind. We've handpicked the most essential tools and components, leaving no room for guesswork or confusion.

Step-by-Step Guidance: Don't worry if you're new to mead making – our included step-by-step instructions guide you through the process, from start to finish, ensuring your success with every batch.

Reusable and Durable: The equipment in our kit is built to last, so you can enjoy countless batches of mead in the future.

 What’s Inside?

  1. Fermentation Vessel: Made from durable food-grade PET plastic, our 1.25 gallon wide-mouth fermentation vessel will house your brew and achieve higher yields than standard single gallon vessels.
  2. Spigot: Transferring liquid using a spigot is incredibly easy, as it requires a simple turn of the valve to control the flow, eliminating the need for complex siphoning.
  3. Airlock and Stopper: Keep your mead safe and secure during fermentation while allowing gas to escape with our airlock and stopper which fits right into the lid. 
  4. Vinyl Hose: Easily transfer your mead directly from the spigot without disturbing the sediment, resulting in a clear, pristine final product.
  5. Bottle Filler: Our duel-action spring loaded bottle filler is a handy tool for transferring mead and effortless, spill-free bottling.
  6. Hydrometer: Take precise readings to measure the progress of your mead and ensure the perfect alcohol content.
  7. Test Tube: Makes collecting samples a breeze, allowing for precise measurements and easy observation without the risk of spillage.
  8. Thermometer: The LCD strip thermometer sticks directly on to your vessel, allowing you to accurately monitor temperature during fermentation.
  9. Digital Recipe Guide: Provides you with detailed setup and assembly instructions, as well as five exclusive Golden Hive Mead recipes that are continuously updated. 
  10. K1-V1116 Brewing Yeast: One of the world's most popular mead and wine brewing yeasts.
  11. Fermaid-O Nutrient: Provides essential nutrients for yeast health, ensuring a robust and complete fermentation.
  12. Tartaric Acid: Adds acidity to balance flavors and enhance the tartness in meads, wines and certain beer styles.
  13. Malic Acid: Another acid used to adjust acidity levels, contributing to a balanced flavor profile.
  14. Campden Tablets: Mead stabilizer that releases sulfur dioxide, preventing oxidation and microbial spoilage, thus extending the shelf life of your brew.
  15. Potassium Sorbate: Works alongside campden tablets to inhibit yeast reproduction, preventing refermentation and stabilizing your brew.

Start your journey today and craft your very own mead, one delicious batch at a time. Cheers, and happy mead making. 

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