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Golden Hive Mead

Pure Wildflower Honey - Raw & Unfiltered (3lb)

Pure Wildflower Honey - Raw & Unfiltered (3lb)

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Golden Hive Mead Select - Raw & Unfiltered Wildflower Honey

Not all honey is created equally...

The quality of your mead is determined by the honey used to make it, and our mission is to deliver the very best. To preserve the natural enzymes and distinct flavor profile that nature intended, we keep things simple: raw and unfiltered, with no fillers or sweeteners - just a blend of pure honey.

Our honey is lab-tested and true source certified so you can be sure that it delivers on taste and authenticity.

  • Raw and unfiltered
  • Zero additives
  • True Source Certified 
  • Kosher Certified

Craft with excellence from hive to bottle. 

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